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Police Internships

The international centre arranges police internships with authorities and institutes abroad. Previously a number of Brandenburg police officers applied to go abroad at their own request, but now more and more police stations abroad are actually requesting assistance in the form of internships.

This support was made possible with the signing of the Prüm Treaty on 27th May 2005 between Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Austria. The Treaty not only improves the exchange of data but also aims to facilitate operational cross-border cooperation and the setting up of so-called European Commissariats. Police officers from the signatory states with foreign language skills can be requested to work at police stations in the countries that need support, providing assistance during peak tourist seasons and at large-scale events.

Brandenburg police officers have already provided assistance in the Netherlands, France, Spain and Bulgaria.

Enquiries concerning internships can be made at any time and we would be happy to give you our support.

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